The Farm

Las Rosas - Arabian Horses



Uruguay is a small country located in the south east of South America, between the two giants of Brazil and Argentina.


Better known for its football and wonderful beaches than for Arabians, Uruguay has a terrain and weather ideal for the breeding of animals and for this reason our country is recognised for its agricultural production.


Las Rosas is located in the department of Florida. It is an agricultural enterprise semi-intensive and diversified.


Since 1973 it has been managed by Princess Laetitia d’Arenberg who intensified and developed the full-cycle of livestock production making significant investments in pastures, machinery and infrastructure for all her interests: meat, milk, wool and genetics. The development of Hereford, Red and Black Aberdeen Angus, Jersey and Holando studs are noted for by their quality. Today there are more than one thousand cows in milk using three modern dairies. Arabian and Criollo horses are part of Las Rosas’ genetic project. Sheep were selected as a result of tours through Australia and New Zealand and for this reason Las Rosas now has the best genetics in Merino superfino, Poll Dorset and Ile de France.


Las Rosas Estancia SRL, has four ranches with a total of 14.000 hs on crystaline soils. The aim of the ranch is to be a reference for its quality management system of meat, milk and wool.


Horses have always being very important for the ranch. Since the beginning there has been an especial love and respect for all the breeds, that started with Laetitia’s love of this noble animal.



Las Rosas’ horse stud is managed by a team of young professionals who can prepare and train the horses on site.


At the moment the stud has 20 stables where horses for shows are prepared.  Mares enjoy the rich pastures of Las Rosas with the 30 foals born each year.  New breeding facilities are under construction to provide an increase capacity to produce animals to the highest standards.



Arabian horses are a symbol of freedom and elegance. They have always been linked with Princess Laetitia’s life.


She is an active member of Sociedad de Criadores de Caballos Arabes del Uruguay, and is a keen exhibitor. She has always had Arabian mares and some stallions at Las Rosas producing working horses for the farm (when we talk with her about selling an Arabian mare to make changes in the group, she always answers that her employees need them for working in the farm, and when we tell her that if she sells an Arabian she can buy four or five trained crossbreed horses she answers that an Arabian is worth five because they are so tireless!)


In 2004 Laetitia decided to commit  herself seriously to this activity, and the first opportunity to buy was through our friend Gustavo de León…  JFN Georgino, a grey colt son of the well known AB Magnum (Magnum Psyche x Echos Love Song by Aladdin Echo) which had recently been chosen as Reservado Campeón Nacional Argentino Potrillo.   It has an amazing presence, movement and perfect head, together with an exceptional pedigree.  It was the first great acquisition for the new Arabian stud.


The big jump happened in 2005 when, before the Brazilian Show, Laetitia bought an excelent mare.  Following the advice of Rodolfo Guzzo, who is a top brazilian trainer, she acquired Leeloo Carol (Brioni Carol x Kim Carol by Distincshahn) which only a few days later was included in Arabian breed history as Campeona Nacional Brasilera Yegua Joven, and first Campeona Nacional Brasilera owned by an Uruguayan stud.


But it did not end there because awards and a growing admiration of the breed created the need to find more mares and also good animals to show.


Laetitia decided to go to Brazil and look for mares capable of breeding high quality Arabian horses.  During a visit to Guzzo Arabian Training (Campinas, SP) she was impressed by several animals and chose five to take to Uruguay:  Fascineyshahn TGS (Shahllenger x Barbela Festival JRS by AF Festival), NAG Nihrah Victory (RSD Dark Victory x NAG Ellaniet by Morafic Wazan) TM Electra (*El Nabila B x AF Magdalena by *Delmar), Nomad Queen NY (Magnum Psyche x Beladdina APP by Laddin BA) and the colt Fynt Serondella (*El Nabila B x Dhyeva ATA by *AAF Kaset).


With the objective to complete an outstanding group of “foundation” mares for Las Rosas it was proposed to search in USA for different bloodlines.  With the support of Rodolfo Guzzo we found MA Elegant Echo (Echo Magnifficoo x Ali Baska by Ali Jamaal), Dance for Joy (Magnum Psyche x NV Alieshah by Bey Shah) y GKA Golden Melody (Padrons Psyche x WN Samirsgranlady by GG Samir).


In November 2006 during the Exposición Nacional Brasilera when a visit was made to Guzzo’s Arabian Training stable we saw a filly that impressed for its beauty, delicacy and Arabian type. That was Giwa Morab (Balih el Jamaal x Bint Gypsy by Borsalino K).


Laetitia had no doubts about taking a decision and was soon the owner of Giwa and next day received the prize of Campeona Nacional Potranca. This was its first national prize but not the last one for the young filly which later won the prizes of Potranca Adulta y Reservada Campeona Yegua Joven in the next two years.


In 2009 Las Rosas repeated its great achievement in Brazil by presenting Sherrize d’Pscore JM (Pscore x Hall Victory IN by RSD Dark Victory) and winning the prize of Campeona Nacional Potranca Joven. Today ever, more confident of the genetic chosen in recent years, we enjoy the results achieved by these animals. We are proud to present the offspring resulting from the original investments. This is the aim of every breeder and with great satisfaction we will continue working in that direction.